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Do You Need Another Certification To Start? No! But, This Is The One You Want! It’s A Clinical Cheatsheet.


Do You Need Another Certification To Start? No! But, This Is The One You Want! It’s A Clinical Cheatsheet.


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About Functional Medicine Academy Certification

Learning Functional Medicine feels like a scene from an investigative TV show with the crazy, over-detailed evidence board and a maze of red strings connecting the dots. Dr. Z is the calm narrator’s voice telling you what it all means.

I love Functional Medicine and I’m guessing you are here because you do too. Maybe you have already started but it hasn’t grown to the level you want? Maybe you are working in some other form of healthcare but dream of switching to your own FM practice? Maybe you are a newbie and just wondering if this is a possible career path for you?

Wherever you are coming from, I’m glad you’re here. You are in the right place if the following sounds good:

  • Focused clinical content based entirely on what you will actually use in practice
  • A diverse range of protocols covering nutrition to lifestyle support to supplementation to BHRT
  • How to integrate labs, key intake and charting forms, detailed notes and slides
  • Bonus videos, a marketing class, patient communication and our private FB group for live support

Reach out to the FMA team so we can answer your questions and see if
The Academy or Certification is a good fit for you.

The Certification Classes

Functional Medicine Practices Launched, Expanded or Perfected
in a Fast, Affordable and Highly Effective Way!
(A long way of saying “this is good” and grab your “clinical cheatsheet”)

Take one or take them all (wink, wink – you’ll want them all) and do it at your own pace.

Academy Full-Course

The Certification
Full Course

The Certification classes are designed to share the PRACTICAL, very FOCUSED and highly ACTIONABLE information you need to succeed!

Forms, handouts, graphics, examples, technical issues, legal issues, clinical issues, practice and financial issues covered – this is ONE HECK OF AN AWESOME PROGRAM!!!!


FMA Nutrition 1

FMA 1:

Functional Health & Nutrition Exam

Mastering Patient Flow & Retention – The Nutrition Exam, a staple among practitioners, is now updated and expanded. This class includes formatting services as well as patient flow from consult to intake/exam to Report of Findings (ROF) to follow-up. Also included is practitioner-patient communication, choosing labs, initial protocols, forms & in-person, virtual or hybrid practice.

FMA Bloating 02

FMA 2:

Belly Aches and
Bloating (Part A)

The Practitioner’s Guide to the Gut (Part A) – Effective solutions for all the common gut health symptoms that bring patients to your office. Protocols that can be immediately put into practice with the option of lab testing as needed. Includes a functional crash course in digestion, dysfunction, lab selection & analysis, clinical tips & lifestyle recommendations plus Q&A.

FMA Bloating 3

FMA 3:

Belly Aches and
Bloating (Part B)

The Practitioner’s Guide to the Gut (Part B) – Advanced treatment protocols for SIBO, yeast/fungus, IMO, IBD + case studies. Class includes how to identify and explain these issues to your patients with optional testing to verify your findings. The ability to manage these conditions is an excellent practice builder, plus detailed lab selection & analysis, plus Q&A.

FMA Cholesterol 4

FMA 4:

More than Cholesterol

Insights into Functional Heart Health – Cutting-edge solutions for heart health issues from a natural medicine perspective plus how to order and interpret advanced cardiac blood labs. This class includes an easy-to-implement system that generates many new patient referrals. Includes diet, lifestyle, supplement protocols, lab testing tips + more…

FMA Food As Medicine 5

FMA 5:

Food As Medicine

Growing a Nutrition & Weight-loss Practice – The nuts and bolts of a nutrition practice including key supplementation, effective meal plans, how to run group programs, and lifestyle protocols. A “ready-to-launch” system that can be implemented by the practitioner or staff member in your office. Includes key forms, handouts, clinical tips and covers a wide array of diets/meal plans including complex cases. When and what labs to order plus Q&A.

FMA Waiting List 6

FMA 6:

Waiting List

Marketing Made Simple – A crash course in proven, effective and ethical marketing for today’s modern patient. Excellent for generating a steady stream of patients to launch a new practice, expand an existing practice, or jump into a new field or specialty. Both in-person and virtual marketing methods are covered. This is the class that EVERY practitioner needs but forgets to take because they only focus on clinical skills…this is how the patients will find you!

FMA Hormones 7

FMA 7:

Hormones Gone Haywire

Sex hormones, Adrenal & Thyroid Solutions – Hormone health made simple with natural remedies for irritability, anxiety, fatigue, sleep issues & weight gain. Optional lab testing (what to choose and when) will be covered along with intake and exam findings to help the practitioner make quick clinical connections that will immediately benefit your patients. Includes some Rx/supplement tips, lifestyle issues, key nutrition protocols & lab analysis along with Q&A.

FMA Case Review


Case Review

To complete the Case Review you will select a patient example (protect all PHI) and answer the online questions that walk you through the initial contact, intake, recommendations, labs, protocols and follow-up. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to “put the pieces together” and showcase what you’ve learned.

FMA Certification


Certification Test

(unlocks after 7 Classes & Case Review completed)

The CERTIFICATION TEST will not be “unlocked” or available to complete until all the FMA courses are completed and the Case Review.
In addition to a beautiful certificate which may be framed or displayed digitally, you’ll also have the right to use the FMACP or FMACC badge.

Call me on the line!

Call me, call me anytime…

6-Figure Practitioner Clarity Session

Anyone remember Blondie? If you do, then I’m proof that you can be any age to start and rock your FM practice! And for those of you youngins scratching your head, well let’s just say congrats because you found FM early!

Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been around the block so many times there’s skid marks on the sidewalk – it’s never too late to get this right.

It might be that you are just one small “course correction” away from having the practice of your dreams. Or maybe it’s that dang “imposter syndrome” that’s keeping you from starting. Or the one thing I see most often – you just need a little bit of support and guidance that’s customized to you.

So call me, call me anytime…


Why Certification?

The Certification was created for the following reasons…

Some practitioners have completed advanced Functional Medicine programs (sometimes ALL of them!) but are overwhelmed with all the information or unsure of how to put it into practice – they need a “cheat sheet” and systems to launch, be efficient, be confident and profitable.

Many traditionally trained physicians are lacking in nutrition or Functional Medicine knowledge.

Many professionals with adequate nutrition training lack needed business skills and marketing savvy to create a successful practice.

Often licensed practitioners and non-licensed nutrition professionals do not speak the “same language” and miss an opportunity to refer to one another or work for one another in a holistic health clinic.

Sometimes clinically competent practitioners lack the skills to effectively communicate with patients.

Some health professionals need to learn how to blend cutting-edge Functional Medicine lab work with western and eastern healing modalities.

There are “newbies” interested in Functional Medicine that want to get a running start and experienced docs making the switch to Functional Medicine that do not want to have to reinvent the wheel.

Whatever the reason, The Academy is here to help and Certification proves you did it!

FMA Certified Practitioner

Certified practitioner (FMACP)

Open to licenses: MD, DO, DC, ND, OMD, PhD, PA, LAc, NP, RN, RD, DPT, PharmD, DDS

Must complete all 7 courses, pass the case review and certification test within 6 months. Course content is designed to be put immediately to use in practice. In all cases, current students & graduates may use the information up to the full scope of practice for their profession and/or according to state law.

The Functional Medicine Academy™ is designed to be the HOW and WHAT to do in practice to get things moving quickly, efficiently and to avoid practitioner burnout. FMA is not designed to replace your licensing CEUs nor other broad scope certifications such as IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine). FMA will not conflict with these other excellent programs but instead will be your “quick start” guide to making practical and clinical decisions as you create/expand the practice you love! (Basically, no more theory, let’s get down to the brass tacks, hit the nail on the head…you know, get to it!)

FMA Certified Practitioner
FMA Certified Coach

certified coach (FMACC)

Open to Master program graduates in health, nutrition professionals (CNC/CNS), CMT/LMT, health coaches and students

Same requirements, cost and time, however, the case review and certification test is different to represent the different scope of practice and lab testing limitations. All of the same access to education is provided!

With the proper training and practice management skills, it is possible to have a very rewarding and lucrative career in the field of nutrition and wellness even without medical licensure and practicing within the scope of your education or as a health coach. Connection to all the practitioners is a valuable asset for cross-collaboration and they certainly know the value of health coaches in their practice!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who the heck is Dr. Z and why is she the one teaching?

Well, it all started when I was 8 years old and my sister was born… I jest, but that’s not too far off. I’ve been an over-responsible big sister and teaching my entire life in multiple careers. You can get to know a bit about me in the pages of this website, the testimonials from practitioners & patients, the silly stories at the bottom of each page or by taking a free live Zoom class with me.

A few quick “sort-of-braggy” facts – I led the team that outsold Disney in their own park (it had never been done before!), I have a genius IQ and a history of a TBI (fun combination), I created the world’s first visual personality profiling system (which has since been copied many times!) that was published by McGraw-Hill, NY, I’m a 5th-generation female entrepreneur, I’ve won awards (lots, in many areas), I’ve been on the news (2x), I owned 8 houses by the time I was 31 years old, I’ve created multiple businesses that were all profitable and debt-free from year one, I designed a functional medicine lab analysis software program, I created nomenclature for a complex metabolic condition, I’ve published peer-reviewed literature, my spatial reasoning score was 100%

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’ve got a long list of things I suck at or challenges I’ve faced along the way. A loooong list! And I cringe at throwing around facts about my “wins”, but I want you to know you are in good hands.

I love to teach. I want you to win. I’m compulsively honest and endlessly creative.

Oh, I also make boring stuff fun. So, that’s why I teach.

How long do I have access to The Academy course material?

For 2 years. 24 months. For one year and then another one. For 730 days.

We want you to be able to move through the content at your pace. You can do it quickly in a few months (or even a few weeks if this is all you are doing!) or you can take your time over the course of a year. We give that extra year so that you will be able to look back, reference the notes when you need them, grab a handout when the situation arises…

Why don’t you have CME’s?

We used to when classes were held in person and the amount of extra paperwork for all the licensing boards in just one state was daunting and required a full time employee (and would have been so much more demanding for the entire US!)

The team made the decision that it was better to keep the classes at a more affordable price than have to potentially double it just for CMEs (especially when there are many opportunities to earn them).

Also, these aren’t “boring, let me just get this done” type of classes. They are for YOU to really know what is needed to have a FM practice and feel confident in your clinical skills. So, we are looking for participants who are motivated and ready to learn.

If your license allows you to submit a certificate of completion and class outline with hours, we are happy to provide that.

FMA Certification | Vanity Card

Deep Thoughts

by Dr. Brandy Zachary, DC, IFMCP

Frustrated with Conventional Medicine? Looking for something different?

If you are a practitioner tired of serving up pills but no solution or a patient struggling to get answers…you’ve come to the right place.

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