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Dr. Z is the “Fun” in
Functional Medicine
Welcome to the Party!

Clinical Answers & Practice Expertise

About The Dr.Z

Frustrated with the Conventional Path?
Looking for Something Different?

If you’re a practitioner tired of serving up pills but no solution or a
patient struggling to get answers… then welcome to the world of Functional Medicine.

Let me start by saying this isn’t a “let’s bash conventional medicine” rally cry because that wouldn’t be real. We need crisis-care and someone to put the pieces back on the “Mrs. Potato-Head” when she falls apart.

But what about feeling tired, cranky, bloated and achy? What about losing your sense of joy, yelling at your kids and busting out of your skinny jeans? Cue…Functional Medicine!

Now most of you have landed here because you are a practitioner, you’ve had a personal experience with FM or you’ve started to study it…and it all makes sense!! You wonder, “Could I have a Functional Medicine
practice?” Spoiler alert: the answer is Yes!

Let me bottom line this:
1. Functional Medicine rocks. Learn it. Use it. Love it.
2. Become a Functional Medicine Practitioner. I will help!
3. Please serve patients. I can’t see them all…we need you!

And there’s so much more to it – like dealing with the “business of health” and expressing the “art of compassion” or knowing how to “build a practice” – but, that’s okay. Scroll through these pages and let’s spend some time together.

Whether you are a practitioner, patient or just a person searching Google on your phone into the wee hours of the night – I’m glad you found your way here. All are welcome. Functional Medicine is for every body.

Welcome to the Party.

Ready To Get Started?

We have something for everyone. Clinical training that rivals
all others and keeps you awake. Lab & Business tools based on
real practice experience. And for those on their path to solving
their own health mystery, Dr. Z at your service.

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Door #1: A puffed-up, stogy old guy calls you “sweetie” and tells you how to address menopause. Door #2: A group of supportive practitioners of all kinds learning together and comfortable to ask questions led by a dashing, funny & not-yet-graying female teacher (Ahem, moi). What do you pick?

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With my first ever Functional Medicine patient, it took 10 hours to analyze every single lab marker & I said, “no way!”. It is impossible to run a successful practice this way and yet that is what so many practitioners do. My first lab analysis tool was ab fab & the new one is even better. Get in line!

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Forget about “lone wolf” thinking, that model is dated. Even if you are a solo-practitioner, you will do better & be happier if you are in community. Spoiler alert: Only the cool people hang at The Dr. Z (no mean girls allowed). So, $$$ in savings, VIP events & a practitioner listing – who’s in?

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You didn’t want to do it. You thought you could do it on your own. But you pick up that phone and say, “Dr. Z, I’ve tried it all & I’ve hit a wall”. No worries, I’ve got you. From The Forum educational events to The Consult & The Report patient experiences – I’m your FM health detective.

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Deep Thoughts

by Dr. Brandy Zachary, DC, IFMCP

Frustrated with Conventional Medicine? Looking for something different?

If you are a practitioner tired of serving up pills but no solution or a patient struggling to get answers…you’ve come to the right place.

In exchange for your name, email & first-born I will send you witty banter, educational factoids & practical gems to brighten your day (or week, or month – I don’t email too often!) I promise that except for the occasional phenomenal sale (which you don’t want to miss, trust me!!!), this won’t be a series of creepy, salesy, fake emails written by a faceless corporation. It’ll be from me, baby!!!

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