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FM Network rocks

Forget about “lone wolf” thinking, that model is dated. Keep reading to find out why you’re going to want to be my BFF.

In The Network we get to feature you and share your awesomeness with our audience. It’s not just potential patients though, you’ll also be connected to our group of practitioners across our many programs.

This means never having to sit at the lunch table alone again. You’ve got a squad now.


FMA Network Rocks

The first thing you’ll notice is this isn’t just an ordinary group – there are no trolls, mean or discouraging voices in the bunch. There’s no competition. All that negativity you encounter in most online groups is a waste of energy – and in the FMA community – we’ve got places to go, things to do, lives to change!

The group is kept small (ish) so you have time to make real connections. We’re tight and just meant to be together. Like peanut butter and jelly.

Mastering Functional Medicine clinical skills and ninja business practice savvy is what we are about. Doing it in a way that works for you, your family, your health and building a sustainable future is essential to the plan.

Look below and you’ll see you get an insane discount off all FMA programs (really!!), a VIP ticket to our annual event, special socials & surprises throughout the year, plus my charming personality in our closed Facebook group.

I care about your success and hanging out with me means getting my clinical expertise, generations of entrepreneurial experience, strategic brilliance and exuberant optimism and encouragement along the way!

(I gave up being humble and calmly accepted my strengths in my late 40’s. I highly recommend it – it’s very liberating. Just don’t ask me to lift anything heavy, run a distance or be your history trivia partner as that’s not my jam.)

Being “The Dr. Z” online means I have to talk about me, but really this is about your success, your dream practice and your achievements.

Just know I’m with you.

Show Me The Money!

Magical Money call with Lily

How much can I save?

That’s the question we get most often for the FM Network. The answer is – it varies based on what you program you do, but that’s where Lily shines.

She’ll get on the phone with you, learn a little about you & your ideal practice, see what you need, what would benefit you the most and then she’ll do the math.

Lily is a numbers gal and I know you like a deal (who doesn’t!), so this is going to be fun. Math is where the money is!

Curious to know more? Sounds good, sign me up!

Schedule now for your “Magical Money call with Lily” call (while space is left!)

Your Golden Ticket

Sensational savings meets social networking
with a dash of online visibility and
a spoonful of nostalgic campfire togetherness
without the guitar-playing counselor or sticky S’mores.
(Yes, this is better!)

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Fun, Fabulous Features

20% Off ALL
FMA Courses,
Education & Mentorship

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Part of our

Referral Network

& Special

Affliate Resource

VIP ticket to
our annual

VIP Annual ticket

Access to our
closed FMA

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virtual Network
socials &
special events

Annual Event Tickets
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Deep Thoughts

by Dr. Brandy Zachary, DC, IFMCP

Frustrated with Conventional Medicine? Looking for something different?

If you are a practitioner tired of serving up pills but no solution or a patient struggling to get answers…you’ve come to the right place.

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