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Boring Classes – No Way!
Cookie Cutter Models –
Never! Outdated Info – Not on my Watch!

Inclusive, Practical, Factual & Fun Training

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Who You Gonna Call?

6-Figure Practitioner Clarity Session

You aren’t that unusual. Now, wait – don’t run off! Of course you are a unique & complex individual, but when it comes to your clinical & practice challenges…well, everyone has them!

That feeling of “Do I know enough?” (you will!), “I’ve never run a business before” (we’ll teach you!), “How do I get patients?” (we have a plan!) is totally normal. For real.

The person that has no fear, no imposter syndrome, no doubt…well, they can be a little scary, a little cocky and even a little dangerous.

Your concern means you care and so do I. I want you to be clinically confident, lab proficient, business savvy and NOT in the gray area legally. I believe in a no-risk practice that is fun and profitable.

So, what do you say? Ready to find out what’s keeping you stuck, what isn’t working and what could help? Just dip your toe in the water, we won’t bite!

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A Training Unlike Any Other

Professor Proton Step Aside & Why Dave Ramsey Has It Wrong

Science doesn’t have to be boring and making money is about more than paying off your credit cards. As a 5th Generation Female Entrepreneur, I bring something different to the table.

When I teach clinical content, I want YOU to know it so you own it. It doesn’t serve you to just take a training that says do “ABC Protocol” for every patient with Hashimoto’s. This means I make the material understandable, memorable and customizable.

When I share how to best run a practice, this isn’t some dated, “been-there, done-that” format. This is cutting-edge systems & efficiency based on real-life experience with brick/mortar, telemedicine and hybrid clinics.

When I talk about what it takes to attract & retain patients, this doesn’t involve gimmicks or having to be “someone you are not”. This is top-notch communication skills that honors the person, supports a genuine connection and partnership that is key in Functional Medicine.

When I share business secrets passed down through the generations, I’ll be teaching you the most important skill of all: how to see possibilities and make them happen. It sounds “woo woo” but I assure you I am not. I teach the skills so you can set up practice anywhere & make it if you are willing to do the work. Master this & you’ll be unstoppable.

Spoiler alert: Dave Ramsey doesn’t cover this type of financial savvy, but I’ll teach you.

So, maybe you are getting the idea that this is a little different – and it is! You aren’t some faceless number to me. When YOU win, I win. I’m invested in your success and I want to give you every possible tool to soar.

Here’s How We Do It

Clinical training that keeps you awake & teaches what you
need to know to be ready for Monday morning. Lab & Practice
tools that actually work & make owning a business fun (at
least, most of the time!) & profitable.


This is how we play together. Pick a box.

FMA Programs Certification


Who knew that a patient complaint of being “bloated” would have so many functional differential dx? From basic-to-advanced, heart-to-gut and hormones-to-belly fat: this is the REAL “nuts & bolts” knowledge you need to be the Functional Medicine Practitioner who is confident in their patient care! Our clinical training has served all licenses & has something for everyone. 

FMA Programs Masterclass


Have you not yet spent a day with Dr. Z? Well, buckle your seatbelt! Whether you pick the live class or watch the recording – she creates a monumental shift in your practice plan that kicks your business into high-gear. From practice setup to growth to systems, she provides a clear guide so you can make your practice dreams a reality. If a master to-do list, comedy show, and business seminar had a baby, this would be it!

FMA Programs Mentorship


Ever have a week go by where you just wish you could ask some questions? Maybe clinical consults regarding a new patient or what lab to order or what does that weird marker mean? Maybe you want help with pricing your services or creating intake forms or knowing if your website will attract new clients? For those that don’t want to reinvent the wheel, live mentorship with Dr. Z is your answer.

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Deep Thoughts

by Dr. Brandy Zachary, DC, IFMCP


Frustrated with Conventional Medicine? Looking for something different?

If you are a practitioner tired of serving up pills but no solution or a patient struggling to get answers…you’ve come to the right place.

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