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This is where the rubber meets the road…for practitioners determined to succeed.

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About Mentorship

Patients and labs and supplements and marketing and staffing and payroll…oh my!

Have you ever just wished for an experienced mentor to ask questions and a groovy group of like-minded people who understand exactly what you are going through as a practitioner-business owner?

Well, here you go!

The Mentorship came to be after we heard the same type of question over and over again in private coaching and consulting –

  • I wish I could just ask you about this patient’s labs when they come back…
  • What should I do for this patient’s intake? And what about next week?
  • You helped so much on my marketing plan, can I ask you questions when we launch?
  • A real quick question – (followed by 4 pages of patient history) – what should I do?
  • Can I get some of your forms? How do you use them? Can you tell me more?
  • Why do you think my patient is having this weird response to PharmaGABA?
  • I’m teaching a webinar, can you review my outline?
  • Which EMR should I use? Which supplement company? Which website host?

The bottomline is practitioners wanted MORE. The wanted to be able to ask questions consistently and get support in all areas of practice building.

This kind of support in private consulting would be upwards of $10-15k per MONTH and it’s really hard to find one person to answer that range of questions.

That’s when FMA created a unique program for just a few special practitioners. The group is kept small so I get to know you personally and you get to know others in the mentorship. Besides the special classes, bonus content, amazing resources – you get to ask me questions live every week!

You Asked. We Listened.

Clinical Consults live with Dr. Z weekly on all topics - Clinical + Business!


The Academy Certification & full program is included! Practical, Actionable.

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Exclusive resources including how to calculate your pricing “done-for-you”!

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Experience with all things Functional Medicine including practice building

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Frankly, my dear,
I do give a damn

6-Figure Practitioner Clarity Session

We should talk. Really. Just give me a call.

That thing that’s swirling around your brain and telling you that you can’t have your own FM practice – I’ve got a solution.

That feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start or how it will even work – I’ve got a plan.

That doubt that you might not be capable or good enough or ready or “how dare I think of doing this” – I’ve got a cheatsheet.

I’d love to talk to you. Click “Schedule Now” and try to grab the soonest spot you can find.

The 8 Phases of Practice Building

The dreaming

Phase 1 – The Dreaming

From that first spark of “hmmm…maybe I could have my own Functional Medicine practice?” to thoughts of quitting a job, fantasizing about a cute little clinic or working from home or moving to a beach resort…This is the phase of dreaming and ideas.

Be open to what comes, don’t limit yourself and be very focused on what will serve YOU best!

In The Mentorship and in The Masterclass: PRACTICE SETUP we cover exactly how to do this and key questions that must be answered (it’s a long list!).

For now, I would say at the minimum answer:
1. How many days/hours do you want to work?
2. What are your income goals?
3. What’s the format you want to work in?
4. What does your dream practice look like?

This is the FUN part!!!

(But…I do stop a lot of practitioners from going down the wrong path when they fantasize of a certain practice to build but don’t realize that it won’t give them the kind of life they want – and it is so much better to find out at this phase instead of a course correction later! I also often have to help practitioners realize what they can do in this phase as some don’t dream big enough!).

The planning

Phase 2 – The Planning

This is so important and in my biased & experience opinion – I think mentorship is essential at this point (tip: find someone that really knows business AND functional medicine).Some practitioners find this boring (they’ve never done a business plan before) and many do the following:

  • spend money they don’t have to
  • waste time, delay earning
  • get discouraged and never truly launch

Here’s what I recommend in this phase – first of all, use my 11 Pillars to begin your planning which is a soft, gentle way to begin your business & practice planning that has been tested and used for over 14 years with thousands of practitioners!

Here’s some of what you want to answer:

  • Who do you want to work with?
  • What do you want to do?
  • How will you deliver it?
  • At what price?
  • All marketing and legal setup
  • Initial goals for income and patient/practice growth
  • How to track
  • Calendaring (so important!!!)
Soft Launch

Phase 3 – The Soft Launch

This is all about “go time” and getting into action and beginning to earn!

Now, I’ll be honest with you, without proper guidance – everyone does this phase wrong!

The typical mistakes are that they focus too much on the clinical and science part (which albeit important!) they make it complicated or do a really crappy job of explaining it in a way that patients understand – and then this means they don’t have patients nor income!

Other mistakes include not understanding what it takes to build and run a practice, focusing on trying to fill a group or making an online program but they don’t have the volume for it, not understanding pricing and more….

If you’re starting your functional medicine practice or trying to build it, your #1 job is to quickly fill your one-on-one services and get to six figures as soon as possible.

There are many reasons for this and you can do it easier than you think if you have the drive, determination, good guidance and stakes in the game…

You want to get to that 6 figures quickly because otherwise you don’t have enough patients, flow or income to learn if your idea works, how your care impacts patients, what is it about the practice that you like and what do you want to change, which systems need improvement…and more!

I could teach all day about this… And I have before – many times! A key part of the soft launch is marketing… Getting the new patients in the door.

The strategy

Phase 4 – The Strategy

Whew, congratulations! You’ve made it past the soft launch, you’re in practice and now you’re wondering “What the heck have I done!” Lol!

It’s all good, welcome to not just being the doctor or a functional medicine practitioner – you are now a business owner!

Now it is time to start cleaning up your systems. Your marketing. Your care plans.

Now you start to get clear and take your business plan to a new level. You’re applying refinement. You’re now starting to have the experience of what you love or don’t love about your practice.

It’s no longer a dream or something you imagine, you are living it. So now you know it in a NEW way.

And now you’re ready to not only work on what is currently happening, but to also strategize for that bigger vision.

This is where you begin or continue to map out the ultimate destination.

You can dream of becoming known in the functional medicine community, paying for your kids college, developing a multidisciplinary clinic, a strategic plan for when to retire and how, doing research in the field, speaking widely regarding a condition you’re an expert in, buying that second home…

But first, you must master Phase 5. There is no moving forward without it!


Phase 5 – The Proficiency

This is all about mastery and clockwork.

The first part is documenting all tasks in the clinic, having all the appropriate manuals in place, and highly efficient systems.

A beautiful backend of the office is what then allows you much freedom and joy in the patient visits.

So perfect your system until it runs like clockwork.

At this point you will be predictably earning multiple 6 figures year after year or even low 7 figures in some cases.

Your level of efficiency and competence will lead to mastery and for some that means boredom.

You have to be careful here because this is where a lot of practitioners get “in the weeds”.

It is easy to be distracted, veer off course, start fun projects, or overcommit.

Mentorship is essential at this point and I say this as someone who has hit this level repeatedly, in multiple practices and sometimes kept everything on track, but I have also had the experience of “getting in the weeds”.

A fun saying my coach told me was, “You can’t read the label from inside the bottle.”

So whether you work with FMA or someone else, make sure you have experienced outside eyes on your practice.

Some practitioners stay at this level for the rest of their practice and they are happy, living a great quality life.

The Plateau

Phase 6 – The Plateau

This is the phase in your practice where you can no longer increase or grow without making a substantial change.

There are many ways to do this and one clear example is duplicating yourself because you run out of time (there is only so many hours in a day).

This is decision time – stay at this level and live a simple happy life.

OR, decide to grow because you have a bigger vision and you are determined to make it happen.

It is absolutely essential to be mentored at this point. No matter who you work with make sure they know how to do this and they have done it before.

Because what comes next is THE EXPANSION, which although exciting, is more challenging than starting the practice in the first place!


Phase 7 – The Expansion

The moment you have been waiting for.. THE EXPANSION.

If you are on Phase 7, then you must have the vision for MORE….

This phase is where you hold more of a leadership roll, your income rises to a new bracket, there is more admin work, and a hierarchy of employees is created.

If it is done well, The Expansion can be quite exciting. This is the point where you are scaling the practice, duplicating yourself, and building a team.

If it is not done well, The Expansion can be excruciating. You could have lots of false starts and stops , expensive mistakes and costly corrections.

Either way, there is a lot of work involved. Even more work than to start the practice!

Mentorship is needed at this point because you need careful planning with legal issues and taxes.

The Star

Phase 8 – The Star


You have finally made it to the other side of The Expansion!!

You have the most flexibility once you make it to this stage. You can decide where you want to go and what direction to work towards.

Your practice will now be functioning and operating as a true business , where will that take you?!

You can either continue to leverage and scale, or you can sell! If selling, you need to create the ultimate exit plan.

Having a mentor who is experienced in scaling AND setting up to sell, is key to success.

You want a mentor who is knowledgeable about both routes, and can help you decide which is best for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take this course or be in The Mentorship?
Well, if you are a great person wanting to build/expand your Functional Medicine practice and looking for solid clinical technique with sound business practices and a wonderful, supportive group to share this wild journey of entrepreneurship with…then you belong here.

But, no mean girls allowed. So, if you want to tear down other people, love drama, create controversy or be in a perpetual state of negativity – then don’t join. This isn’t a reality TV show.

For those that want it, are coachable, open-hearted and determined to make this work – then we want YOU! Because there is nothing we love more than seeing our practitioners soar.

You aren’t a number to us or some faceless person pressing “buy”. We are invested in you and your success.

What’s up with these testimonials? Are they real?
Yes, every single one! We go above and beyond to share all of our knowledge, skill, experience and wisdom with one single goal in mind – we want YOU to succeed.

Now, there are no guarantees and you still have to do the work – but we make every effort we can to support you.

That’s why the testimonials are so awesome 🙂

I’m just starting, what if I don’t have money for The Mentorship?
If you really are motivated to make your practice happen and you know The Mentorship is how you are going to do it – then we will likely be able to finance your program.

FMA offers 3 and 6 month payment schedules. Our programs have also been vetted by an outside financing company that will allow for 2-5 year credit which can make your monthly payments very low – allowing you to start!

Contact the office and we’ll see how we can help. Schedule HERE. (

I’m not a doctor or nurse like everyone else - will I be able to practice?
Everyone receives the same education, programs and access to Dr. Z. That being said, you need to always practice within the scope of your license. We do have some members that are nutritionists or non-medical licenses providing Functional Medicine coaching to their clients. FMA has been vetted by Designs for Health (DFH) DSS program which means that once you complete The Academy and then take a 7 hour course from DFH – you’ll be able to have a practitioner account with all the privileges include virtual dispensary, rebates, coaching app and more!
Who the heck is Dr. Z and why is she the one teaching?
Well, it all started when I was 8 years old and my sister was born… I jest, but that’s not too far off. I’ve been an over-responsible big sister and teaching my entire life in multiple careers. You can get to know a bit about me in the pages of this website, the testimonials from practitioners & patients, the silly stories at the bottom of each page or by taking a free live Zoom class with me.

A few quick “sort-of-braggy” facts – I led the team that outsold Disney in their own park (it had never been done before!), I have a genius IQ and a history of a TBI (fun combination), I created the world’s first visual personality profiling system (which has since been copied many times!) that was published by McGraw-Hill, NY, I’m a 5th-generation female entrepreneur, I’ve won awards (lots, in many areas), I’ve been on the news (2x), I owned 8 houses by the time I was 31 years old, I’ve created multiple businesses that were all profitable and debt-free from year one, I designed a functional medicine lab analysis software program, I created nomenclature for a complex metabolic condition, I’ve published peer-reviewed literature, my spatial reasoning score was 100%

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’ve got a long list of things I suck at or challenges I’ve faced along the way. A loooong list! And I cringe at throwing around facts about my “wins”, but I want you to know you are in good hands.

I love to teach. I want you to win. I’m compulsively honest and endlessly creative.

Oh, I also make boring stuff fun. So, that’s why I teach.

How long do I have access to The Academy course material?
For 2 years. 24 months. For one year and then another one. For 730 days.

We want you to be able to move through the content at your pace. You can do it quickly in a few months (or even a few weeks if this is all you are doing!) or you can take your time over the course of a year. We give that extra year so that you will be able to look back, reference the notes when you need them, grab a handout when the situation arises…

Even if you are only in The Mentorship for 3 months – you’ll still have The Academy access for 2 years.

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