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The Best Exclusive (Yet Inclusive),
Elite, “Not-So-Secret” Society
For Functional Medicine Practitioners

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About FM Network

Connection, Savings, Support, Events, Marketing, Resources and Socials all mixed into a soupy concoction of fabulousness that rivals a Minnesotan hot dish on a cold winter night.

The Network is open to all, but only a few are going to “get it”.

There is an energy that comes from spending time with determined, driven, passionate, and excited entrepreneurs.

It pushes you to be your best version of “you” and lifts you up when you’re not feeling your strongest. We all have those days.

The Network also gets you connected in what could otherwise be a very isolating experience – running your own private practice.

About FMA Network

Of course, we love the savings and who doesn’t want a deal! The 20% discount for programs and mentorship is HUGE, but this group “earns” it by being bold and higher risk also means higher reward.

The rest of the perks are also not too shabby. Here’s the list:

  • 20% Off ALL FMA Courses, Education & Mentorship*
  • VIP ticket to our annual event
  • Part of our “Patient-to-Practitioner” Referral Network (sending patients to their practice)
  • Listed on our website with practitioner or clinic bio and photo/logo
  • Access to our closed FMA Facebook group
  • Affiliate Resources & Special Savings
  • Immediate access to our funding program for The Academy + The Network combined!
  • Exclusive products, virtual Network socials & special events throughout the year
    *(cannot be combined with other offers or promo)
About FMA Network 2
It’s fun to be in a club with Dr. Z (me!) – you should give it a try. Good things happen.

Show Me The Money!

Magical Money call with Lily

How much can I save?

That’s the question we get most often for the FM Network. The answer is – it varies based on what program you do, but that’s where Lily shines.

She’ll get on the phone with you, learn a little about you and your ideal practice, see what you need, what would benefit you the most, and then she’ll do the math.

Lily is a numbers gal and I know you like a deal (who doesn’t!), so this is going to be fun. Math is where the money is!

Curious to know more? Sounds good, sign me up!

Schedule now for your “Magical Money call with Lily” call (while space is left!)


About The Dr.Z

I’m an optimist, connector and encourager. Not the “bring you balloons” or “send virtual hugs” kind – the kind that strategizes and plans and believes you can do it – because I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. I know it works.

I share abundantly. I give solid advice. I have decades of experience and generations of scrappy female business owners behind me. The ghost of my grandma would haunt me if I did anything else besides going “all out”.

I see possibilities, but am firmly grounded in reality. I know what it takes. Not every business scribbled on a napkin will pan out. Not every practitioner is destined to succeed.

But you can, if you have the right information, the right plan and the right support.

I like the saying, “Life is not a dress rehearsal”.

It is succinct and profoundly meaningful. We really can’t wait and can’t delay. The time is now.

You can count on me to always tell it to you straight while trying to make it fun.


Fun, Fabulous Features

20% Off ALL
FMA Courses,
Education & Mentorship

Discount Coupon

Part of our

Referral Network

& Special

Affliate Resource Special Savings

VIP ticket to
our annual

VIP Annual Ticket

Access to our
closed FMA

Facebook group

virtual Network
socials &
special events

Annual Event Tickets

We’ve Been Waiting for You

Join our “Cool Kids Club” and stop trying to be the “lone wolf” –
that gets old fast. Connection and community is where it’s at.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do we get The Network benefits?

For one long, magical year. 12 months. Enough time to utilize the benefits, get to know the crew and then should you continue, steep renewal discounts in the years after.For one long, magical year. 12 months. Enough time to utilize the benefits, get to know the crew and then should you continue, steep renewal discounts in the years after.

How do we get our photo and bio information on The Dr. Z: Functional Medicine Network website?
Be an active member in good standing, submit your bio (100 words or less) and photo to and participate in ongoing FMA learning.

You will have potential patient visibility from our website visitors and also connecting with other practitioners. When we get calls from patients looking for a practitioner, the members in The Network are our first referrals.

What are the special events or socials?
A few times a year Dr. Z hosts webinars, training, live Q/A or guest speakers exclusively for members in The Network. You will have access to those activities free of charge.
I’m new to Dr. Z, why is she the one teaching?

She made a decision to teach because she loves it and that was that.

Well, the longer story is that she has been teaching her entire life in multiple industries. If she ever learns something new, good, or helpful for someone else – then she’s sharing that information.

Between the many “About” pages or “Deep Thoughts” at the bottom of the website or the testimonials sprinkled throughout – it’s probably giving you an idea of what kind of teacher and giver Dr. Z is – but the best way is to hop into one of her classes and experience it live.

For those that are looking for more, here are a few quick facts – Dr. Z led the team that outsold Disney in their own park (it had never been done before!), she has a genius IQ and a history of a TBI (fun combination). Dr. Z created the world’s first visual personality profiling system (which has since been copied many times!) that was published by McGraw-Hill, NY. She is a 5th-generation female entrepreneur, has won awards (lots, in many areas), been on the news (2x), owned 8 houses by the time she was 31 years old, created multiple businesses that were all profitable and debt-free from year one, designed a functional medicine lab analysis software program, created nomenclature for a complex metabolic condition, published peer-reviewed literature, and her spatial reasoning score was 100%.

Oh, and she also makes boring stuff fun.

Why should I take this course or be in The Mentorship?

Well, if you are a great person wanting to build/expand your Functional Medicine practice and looking for solid clinical technique with sound business practices and a wonderful, supportive group to share this wild journey of entrepreneurship with…then you belong here.

But, no mean girls allowed. So, if you want to tear down other people, love drama, create controversy or be in a perpetual state of negativity – then don’t join. This isn’t a reality TV show.

For those that want it, are coachable, open-hearted and determined to make this work – then we want YOU! Because there is nothing we love more than seeing our practitioners soar.

You aren’t a number to us or some faceless person pressing “buy”. We are invested in you and your success.

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Deep Thoughts

by Dr. Brandy Zachary, DC, IFMCP

Frustrated with Conventional Medicine? Looking for something different?

If you are a practitioner tired of serving up pills but no solution or a patient struggling to get answers…you’ve come to the right place.

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