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More Labs in Less Time!
Stop Wasting Hours
Analyzing Patient Reports

Functional Lab Answers “Done For You”

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All Your Lab Answers at the Touch of a Button

Like Having Dr. Z Whisper Answers in Your Ear

Picture it – a practitioner new to Functional Medicine sits down to figure out what’s going on with their first patient. They spend hours pouring over the detailed history, reviewing their intake or exam notes and then they open up the lab reports.

The practitioner ordered a GI MAP with 84 markers, an OATs test with 78 markers, a blood test with 18 markers, a urinalysis, a SIBO breath test and a DUTCH test with 20+ markers and some weird dials and gas gauges?!?

She diligently starts to read through each report, noting any lab comments and then researching other markers. She painstakingly takes notes on what each marker could mean, what lifestyle or supplement interventions may be needed.

It takes TIME to go through each test…A. Lot. Of. Time.

With my first ever Functional Medicine patient, it took 10 hours to analyze every single lab marker & I said, “no way!”. It is impossible to run a successful practice this way and yet that is what so many practitioners do. My first lab analysis tool was ab fab & the new one is even better. Get in line!

So I made my first ever “lab analysis software app” for about 70+ blood markers. It was FABULOUS!!! It saved me so much time and I used it 1000’s of times with my patient visits. It was a life saver!

But then, I soon wanted a similar system for stool testing, hormone testing, urine testing, breath testing and all the specialty tests I use over and over – but I couldn’t find that anywhere. So, back to creation mode and I added those tests to my software app and also made it available for others to use.

Viola! The LabDx software app was created! I’m all about great quality patient care and profitable practice growth – this is the tool that makes that a reality!!

Here’s the Low-Down on
How It Works!

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Step #1

Sign up for LabDx and have instant access to our entire Lab Library. You may begin using it immediately!


Step #2

Select the lab you want (ex. DUTCH), type in the patient’s markers and the answers will magically appear! You only need to type in the markers you want (ex. Lab values that are Low or HIGH, out-of-range) and this helps cut down on endless lab notes.

Report pdf

Step #3

You may download a PDF or print it for yourself and/or the patient. You can CHOOSE what markers you want to print or hide. You can also choose what information you want to show. Standard is a description, what the Functional Medicine significance and approach is for this marker, lifestyle considerations, key herbs/vitamins/nutraceuticals and then specific supplement recommendations and dosage to consider. No patient data is stored in the software or in the cloud, you control the data at all times. You may brand the PDFs with your logo, clinic name and contact information.

Don’t Overthink It

Swim In Paperwork Or Swim In The Pool…
Which Do You Choose?

Ready to stop being overwhelmed by multiple labs and tied to your computer pulling research articles? Looking for quality information customized for Functional Medicine that allows you to be more efficient?

Time + Money = Freedom

If you know this is the answer you’ve been looking for then don’t delay – jump in and grab the LabDX software here:

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Curious but have some questions? No problem! We are here to help. Schedule a quick call with our team here:

Functional Medicine Lab Menu

Our Current Selection Of Labs For Automated Analysis
(& We Keep Adding More!)

  • gi-map
  • dutch-test
  • organic-acid-test
  • sibo-diagonostic
  • Vibrant America Logo
  • Precision Point Diagnostics
  • trio-smart
UA and Blood Labs below




Thyroid blood labs


CBC w/Diff

CBC w/Diff





Advanced Heart Markers

Advanced Heart

Inflammation Panel

Inflammation Panel

Sugar Panel
Sugar Panel
Serum Hormones
Iron Panel

Iron Panel

Anemia Panel

Anemia Panel


Average Monthly Price


Not included

Best for:
Short term use

Receive access to the full LabDx program for one month. Unlimited lab reports. Automatic renewal each month unless canceled or you may switch to Quarterly or Yearly at any time. A great option if you only need access for a short period of time or just to run a few 1x labs. No educational or Live Q/A’s with Dr. Z.

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Average Monthly Price


Yearly Payment: $1999

Lab Class Video + Monthly Lab Clinical Support Q/A with FMA Clinical Team

Best for:
Biggest Savings, Ongoing Use

For practitioners that understand the value of labs in patient care, case management & practice building. Unlimited lab reports, support in our FMA Facebook group and as a bonus you will have access to the Lab Class video & 2 Live Q/A! This is the best value (neon light flashes - “pick me, pick me!”)

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Average Monthly Price


$999 Quarterly Payments

Lab Class video

Best for:
Moderate savings,
Short term use

If you want savings (always!) but the yearly isn’t doable, then this is the next best option. Automatic renewal each quarter unless canceled or you may switch to monthly or Yearly at any time. Bonus content with the Lab Class video is included but no Facebook group or live Q/A with Dr. Z.

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Ready to Buy Back
Some Time

Whatcha Thinking? Tired of Reinventing-the-Wheel?

Did you know you can have your staff input the patient findings and print the PDFs for you to review? Or stay entirely digital and review online…however you do it, LabDx will save you time!!!

And that is invaluable.

If you are ready to stop being overwhelmed by multiple labs, tied to your computer pulling research articles and endlessly charting, then you are ready for LabDx!

Time = Money + Freedom

If you know this is the answer you’ve been looking for then don’t delay – jump in and grab the LabDX software here:

Curious but have some questions? No problem! We are here to help. Schedule a quick call with our team here:

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Deep Thoughts 

by Dr. Brandy Zachary, DC, IFMCP

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